What Parents Say

I am writing on behalf of Dr. Jenelle Miller, whom I have known for close to twenty years, as I was very good friends with both of her children during high school. My friendships with her children have endured to this day, allowing me to witness many of her accomplishments in her career up to this point.

Dr. Miller is a highly intellectual academic, as evidenced by her title, and models commitment to perpetual learning to all who have the privilege of working with her. She specializes in gifted education and for many years in both California and Iowa lead programs that benefited children who had higher than average learning capabilities. Although I was aware of her endeavors and achievements during that time, I did not get to work with her personally until she returned to San Diego.

During a holiday gathering I was conversing with a small group of women expressing my concern for my young daughter who was having trouble in school. She was not struggling academically, but the feedback that I was getting from her kindergarten teacher was never positive. Taking note of my concern, Dr. Miller asked if she could spend some time with my daughter and assess her cognitive abilities as well as her learning style and interests. I was beyond elated to have someone with her qualifications offer such an opportunity to learn more about my daughter. No one from the school district had ever offered anything of the sort as a possibility to improve our situation.

After spending some time with my daughter, Dr. Miller sat down with me and reviewed her findings. She did agree with me that my daughter does suffer from some self-control issues, but also found that she is highly intelligent and explained that the traditional classroom setting may not be conducive to her individual learning style in stimulating her interests. At the time, this was both good news and bad. My husband and I are full-time working parents of four children. I was happy to hear that some of the problem might be the system itself, but I couldn't see any immediate solution because I felt that the system we were in was our only option.

As time went on and the school experience continued to be negative, Dr. Miller empathetically sent me resources for parents of gifted children who struggle in school. Finally, I decided enough was enough. I had to change my daughter's learning environment to avoid compromising her educational experience for a lifetime. Upon notifying Dr. Miller of my decision, the support I have received from her has been extensive. She assisted me in navigating the numerous possibilities for alternative education and we discussed the pros and cons of each.

My husband and I ultimately decided that we were going to pursue homeschooling for our daughter, but we needed quite a bit of direction in finding a good fit for our lifestyle and schedule. Dr. Miller started Accelerated Academics, Inc., a Private School satellite Program, and I have both of my school aged children enrolled. She has provided an abundance of resources for programs and courses designed to challenge and engage higher ability learners and she is frequently checking in on my children's progress, especially that of my daughter. Additionally, Dr. Miller engages with her in activities and correspondence that are catered toward my daughter's very unique personality and learning style. She regards Dr. Miller as a friend and advocate. She feels confident and appreciated every time she gets a chance to spend time with "Miss Jenelle," and seeing her spark return as well as the stress lifted off of her shoulders has been such a relief for my family.

I realize that our family's journey has just begun and we have a lot of learning to do during this transition, but we wouldn't be here without the unrelenting support of Dr. Miller, who chose to look deeper into my daughter's mind and see her unique qualities, rather than a problematic statistic in a system that does not promote individuality or interest driven learning. Without Dr. Miller, this early learning experience for my daughter could have been ruined.

Today, I would like to give my full endorsement for Dr. Miller as the director of Accelerated Academics, Inc. Her influence and guidance has been nothing short of outstanding. I truly believe she has so much to give to the gifted world and knows first-hand how overwhelming it can be for parents trying to navigate their children through the right educational pathways.

--- Erin (Parent) - January 29, 2016