The Best Alternative to Traditional Schooling

Accelerated Academics, Inc. features a most innovative approach to serving the challenges of K-12 students with unique gifts and talents.

We provide consulting services, assessments, and individualized academic programming for students who have high intellectual and/or creative abilities and talents.

We carefully evaluate and address the academic and socio-emotional needs of Twice-Exceptional (2e) students (intellectually gifted with some form of disability).

We provide an ideal learning situation for highly talented students who require absence from a traditional school setting in order to pursue activities, training, and events such as Performing Arts, Tennis, Equestrian, Gymnastics, Ice Skating, Golf, and Surfing.

We offer a flexible
at-home academic schedule
that supports the
to pursue their passions, develop extraordinary talents, and
obtain a brilliant education

Emphasizing the student's personal and academic goals
Catering to the student's individual personality and learning style
Crafting an individualized learning plan for each student
Offering a flexible schedule with a pace tailored for the individual student

Our program integrates depth and complexity through challenging and rigorous online curriculum developed by such universities as Stanford, Johns Hopkins, William and Mary, Northwestern, and other highly regarded and individualized curriculum sources. Our courses comply with requirements for CA State Elementary and Secondary Schools.

We provide regular in-home visits and/or online video conferencing for student and parent support. With our guidance and oversight, students learn within their own safe and nurturing home environment.

"Failure to help the gifted child is a societal tragedy, the extent of which is difficult to measure but which is surely great. How can we measure the sonata unwritten, the curative drug undiscovered, the absence of political insight? They are the difference between what we are and what we could be as a society."  --- James J. Gallagher

Welcome to our home-based private school for high-ability learners.

John M. Miller and Dr. Jenelle S. Miller, Husband and Wife Team

John M. Miller and Dr. Jenelle S. Miller, Husband and Wife Team


It is our pleasure to extend a 30-Minute
Free Introductory Consultation

(Our school operates on a rolling enrollment basis)


Accelerated Academics, Inc. is a legally recognized, California-based private school satellite program (PSP) for students in grades K-12.