Our mission is to enhance and enable the success of high-ability* learners and provide support to their families.

* High-ability is synonymous with “gifted and talented” and is recognized by Accelerated Academics, Inc., to include those who have outstanding reasoning abilities or high performance and achievement capabilities in the following categories: general or specific intellectual, creative thinking, leadership, visual and performing arts, or psychomotor (physical) abilities.


Our goals are to provide guidance, advocacy, and support services for families of high-ability learners. These children are our National Resources and have the potential to be global leaders who positively affect our world and its individual citizens in many wonderful ways. We support parents in their desire to meet the academic and socio-emotional needs of their individual children. Our staff provides services that encourage students to be challenged and engaged in learning while having time within the day to explore their own personal interests and activities so they can create, innovate, and excel.