Gifted Consulting and Support Services

Accelerated Academics, Inc. provides a variety of support services for educators, administrators, parents, and students who have high intellectual and/or creative abilities and talents. Our services include:

  • consulting (with schools and/or parents)

  • identification

  • guidance

  • advocacy

  • teacher training

  • parent support and group training meetings

  • comprehensive assessment and evaluation of students

  • careful evaluation and attention to the academic and socio-emotional needs of Twice-Exceptional (2e) students (intellectually gifted with some form of disability)

  • the development of individualized learning plans (ILP) designed for gifted students

  • Registered California Private School Satellite Program (PSP)


"Failure to help the gifted child is a societal tragedy, the extent of which is difficult to measure but which is surely great. How can we measure the sonata unwritten, the curative drug undiscovered, the absence of political insight? They are the difference between what we are and what we could be as a society."  --- James J. Gallagher

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Mr. John M. Miller and Dr. Jenelle S. Miller, Husband and Wife Team

Mr. John M. Miller and Dr. Jenelle S. Miller, Husband and Wife Team


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