Consulting and Advocacy for Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)

Consulting Services*

We provide GATE consulting services for public or private schools including the following:

  • School-wide GATE program development

  • Teacher Training

  • Identification

  • Gifted programming and enrichment

  • Individualized Learning Plans (ILP)

  • Curriculum differentiation

  • Depth and complexity

  • Common Core Standards and GATE Standards

  • Parent Meetings

Advocacy Services*

We provide advocacy services for parents who would like guidance and support for pursuing GATE services for their child attending a public or private school. Services include:

  • Assessment, evaluation and/or interpretation of IQ scores and reports

  • Learning styles and interests assessment and evaluation for inclusion in an ILP or IEP (for twice exceptional students)

  • Development assistance for differentiated curriculum for use by schools

  • Advocacy leadership with regard to state legislators in our region


* Consulting and Advocacy Services fees are calculated based on the particular need(s) of the organization or individual.