The Tajar Tales Puppet Show and Other Stories
by Creative Entertainment and Tajar's Classic Works

Accelerated Academics, Inc., in collaboration with Creative Entertainment and Tajar's Classic Works, provides puppet shows and lessons in puppetry and creative story writing for schools, libraries, home-school groups, and children's parties. We have a beautiful puppet theater, many colorful and creative puppets, and original stories filled with imagination, whimsy, magic, and life-lessons.

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A puppet performance of Tajar Tales at a local children's library.

Our Puppet Theater

We designed our large and beautiful puppet theater to be portable, sturdy, and suitable for performances at venues such as multiple-grade school assemblies, individual classrooms, children's libraries, and more.

Tajar Tales, A Classic Children's Folktale

Our main original puppet show, complete with upbeat music and songs, is based on this enchanting children's folktale about Tajar, a playful, mischievous, and magical forest creature who becomes full of folly and loves to dance in the moonlight. Full of whimsy, Tajar is something like a tiger, something like a jaguar, and something like a badger. With a twinkle in his eye, the Tajar is childlike and curious about the ways of the forest and always seems to find himself in troublesome situations. His resourcefulness is a key to overcoming his troubles.

Author Jane Shaw Ward grew up in Colorado where the Tajar was born in a children's camp in the Rockie Mountains where she entranced children of all ages with her unique and delightful oral version of Tajar Tales. By popular demand they were written down in the 1920s and they have delighted several generations of children over the last 100 years.

Tajar Tales, a classic children's folk tale was written by Jane Shaw Ward and illustrated by Herman Lui Drucklieb in the early 1920s. The original drawings were colored by artist Jill Kerry in the new edition which was published by Classic Works in 1993. Follow the hotlink to Tajar's Classic Works for more information about this delightful story.

Tajar, Madam Witch, and the Range Ranger


The Characters in the Tajar Tales Puppet Show

In addition to the Tajar, there are two other main characters in the Tajar Tales stories. Madam Witch, a harmless old woman who gathers herbs; makes tea; and lives in an old dead tree in the forest, plays a trick on the Tajar by pinning a magic on his back which makes him disappear. This causes the Range Ranger, who "ranges the ranges in that region," to come looking for him. The Range Ranger has the task of caring for the forest animals and camping guests, and sometimes that means he must maintain discipline in the forest.


Please Enjoy Listening to a Preview of the Tajar Tales.

 Dr. Stephen A. Gothold wrote the music and lyrics for the 1993 edition of Tajar Tales, combining bluegrass music and charming songs about the Tajar. His big, deep "daddy" voice makes his narration of the original text a unique delight. Our puppet show utilizes the full soundtrack.