As an independent school, Accelerated Academics does not receive funding from local or state government. To offset educational expenses, we charge tuition for each student.

Fee Schedule

School Enrollment

  • Application Fee $250 (non-refundable)
  • Enrollment Deposit $1,000 (applies toward Annual Tuition) due upon enrollment approval
  • Annual Tuition (rolling start date): $13,500/year - payable annually, by semester, or monthly - (tuition payable by check or by credit card with a 3% transaction charge) 

Tuition includes:
- Private School Affidavit registered with State of California
- Personal home visitation
- Scheduled online video connections with students
- Regular phone access
- Cumulative file record keeping/Registrar function
- Portfolio development support
- Monthly online Parent Meetings (support, training, and networking)
- Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) development and curriculum oversight and support
- Advanced curriculum using a variety of sources, including courses developed by universities such as Stanford, Johns Hopkins, William and Mary, and Northwestern, along with other highly regarded curriculum sources; some of these will require qualifying test scores* (Christian-based curriculum is also available upon request)

* Please note that in order to apply for and access some of our curriculum sources a qualifying score at the 95th percentile on one-or-more subjects will be required as derived from a nationally-normed Standardized Achievement Test. These test results must have been acquired within a previous twelve month period. Some curriculum sources may also require an additional qualifying test for their own assessment purposes.

Tuition Discounts

  • Prepaid Annual (5%)
  • Prepaid Semester (2.5%)
  • Sibling(s) (5%)

Group Events, Field Trips, and Specialty Courses

  • Weekend or summer programs (tuition varies per event)