Comprehensive Assessments, Evaluation, and Recommendations

Our staff at Accelerated Academics, Inc. can provide your child an array of comprehensive assessment tools in order to better know your child's IQ, cognitive abilities, achievement levels, interests, and learning styles.  In addition, we can provide, guidance, and resources with regard to specific learning disabilities that our assessments may identify. Our "whole-child" assessment and evaluation options include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • IQ/Cognitive Abilities Testing* 
                Woodcock Johnson IV (Grades K-12) - $175/hr
                WISC-V or WPPSI* (Grades K-12 )– $175/hr (maximum total fee $525)

*It never takes more than 3 hours to administer and write up the WISC or WPPSI, so the maximum fee to administer, score, and write up the IQ test would be $525, depending on the child's ability to attend without interruption during testing. We have immediate availability and have quick turnaround for the straight forward IQ testing cases. Other locations likely have a waitlist. Our clinical psychologist collaborates with a gifted education specialist to provide additional testing analysis and recommendations, which is unique to us -  other centers in San Diego most likely do not provide this collaborative service.

  • Achievement Testing Completed within 6-12 hours @ $175/hour
                Woodcock Johnson IV (Grades K-12)

  • Assessment Analysis and Evaluation
                 Analysis and Evaluation of Assessment Results @ $175/hour

  • Presentation of Assessment Results
                 Interpretation and Recommendations – Approximately 1 hour @ $175/hour

Please contact us for information regarding scheduling, test locations, and other questions you may have.