Ways that Gifted Students Learn Differenly From Their Peers

Matthew Lynch wrote a blog for Education Week on June 13, 2016 titled, "5 Ways Gifted Students Learn Differently." His message conveys that it is critical for educators to understand how gifted students learn differently from their peers in order to provide successful learning experiences. Please follow the link below to read Lynch's article.


Source: http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/education_f...

Gifted Learners Reaching for the Stars

By Jenelle S. Miller, Ed.D.

Children should have the opportunity to stretch their minds and increase their capacity for learning every day. They should be allowed to follow their curiosities and encouraged to wonder. A learning environment, whether public, private, or at-home, should inspire children to reach for the stars rather than always having to wait until others catch up. Children who stand out as gifted among their peers should be given opportunities to accelerate at a pace that reflects their abilities and motivation to learn.

The National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) reprinted an article by Carol Ann Thomlinson, Ed.D., of The University of Virginia titled, What it Means to Teach Gifted Learners Well. In this article, Dr. Thomlinson discussed the difference between good instruction and inappropriate instruction for gifted learners.

Article link: https://www.nagc.org/resources-publications/gifted-education-practices/what-it-means-teach-gifted-learners-well

Board Meeting of the California Association for the Gifted

By Dr. Jenelle S. Miller

Today I attended the Board meeting of the California Association for the Gifted (CAG) which was held in Santa Clara, California. I am the Parent Representative for the Palomar Region which covers San Diego and Imperial Counties. My colleague, Sue Ann Bussey, is the Education Representative for the same region. We sat together during the Board meeting and collaborated on our 2016-2017 regional plan which includes volunteering our time and expertise to hold regional meetings with parents and educators for the purpose of sharing information in regard to CAG. It is our plan to build and maintain a regional network of support and leadership for students, parents, teachers, and administrators involved with GATE education and to promote new membership in CAG within our region. We also work with our local legislators as resources and advocates of gifted education to keep them informed of current issues in our area.

Tomorrow a portion of our meeting will focus on planning our annual 2017 CAG conference which will be held in San Diego, California on March 3-5. We hope to see administrators, teachers, and parents of gifted children from all over the state of California and especially from our Palomar Region attend this conference.

If you have any questions or need more information about Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) in the San Diego or Imperial County areas, please feel free to contact Sue Ann Bussey or Jenelle S. Miller through our regional page on the CAG website.

CAG Palomar Region

Sue Ann Bussey and Jenelle S. Miller at the Board Meeting for the California Association for the Gifted - September 17, 2017. #CAGCON

Sue Ann Bussey and Jenelle S. Miller at the Board Meeting for the California Association for the Gifted - September 17, 2017. #CAGCON

Fun with Storytelling, Puppets, and Mensa Kids

By Dr. Jenelle S. Miller

The National Mensa Annual Gathering was held in San Diego at the beginning of July 2016. The gathering hosted numerous programs and special events for members of Mensa and their guests. To qualify for Mensa, you must have scored in the top 2 percent of the general population on any one of more than 200 accepted, standardized intelligence tests — including Mensa administered admission tests — at any point in your life.

I had the unique pleasure of attending this gathering to assist with the children’s program which consisted of about 60 Mensa students between the ages of 4 and 12. In between a couple of science sessions, I engaged the children in a unique story that has been a part of my family since my father was a little boy. As you will see in the photo taken during the event, I became a storyteller and performed the Tajar Tales with puppets. Back in 1993 my artist sister, Jill Kerry, and I republished this whimsical tale written by Jane Shaw Ward in the 1920s; and then created the puppets, plush Tajar dolls, and an audio CD to develop a complete "story kit." I often use the story kit as an example during my "Student Publisher's Workshop" where I teach children how to collaborate together to write, illustrate, and narrate stories as well as make puppets and perform puppet shows. My sister and I are both big fans of including the Arts in education.

Source: https://www.mensa.org/

Securing an Appropriate Education for your 2E Student

I found a great article today that I would like to share with you. The article was written by Mark Woodsmall, Esq. to assist 2E families in pursuing and obtaining an appropriate education for your children. Please follow the link below:

Source: http://www.woodsmalllawgroup.com/securing-...